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Download of WAsP Lib-files

WAsP generalized wind climate files have been generated on a grid with 7.5 km spacing for the region of interest. All the lib-files are can be downloaded from this page to be used as input to the  WAsP software to  perform site specific calculations of wind-turbine production.

After arriving at the Tadpole web page from the link below, the user will see the display which provides a view of Mali in a Google Earth plug-in. Three datasets are shown at the left hand side of the screen. They refer to Southern, Central and Northern parts of Mali. Displaying all three datasets provides a convenient overview of the complete coverage, but may lead to slow response of the internet tool. Clicking on the dataset headings allows the user to toggle the display of the separate wind-climate datasets. 

The Google Earth plug-in allows users to navigate the display around Mali as in Google Earth. The controls on the right-hand side can be used along with the mouse and keyboard for controlling the navigation and view.  The search function allows the user to search for a nearby town.

Each red point on the map, of which there are approximately 29000, represents the location for which generalized wind climate data is available in the form of a WAsP lib-file. To download the lib-file, left-click on the red point and follow the instructions.

Download detailed instruction for TADPOLE webpage

Download WaSP lib-files at TADPOLE webpage

For offline access, a simple program is provided for download. By running this program the user is prompted for the longitude and latitude of the location of interest, and the program copies the relevant lib-file containing the generalized wind climate data into a convenient folder.  Download manual






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