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Wind and Solar Resources

The numerical wind atlas is a spatial presentation of generalized wind climate for Mali.  It is available in terms of a visual map and in terms of WAsP generalized wind climate files, known as .lib-files. The numerical windatlas is the output from a mesoscale windatlas model using the KAMM/WAsP methodology. The model used the long-term record of large-scale wind conditions provided by the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data set as input, and was calibrated by one year of measurements at 40 and 50 metres from 14 sites in Mali.

The solar map shows the mean solar radiation for the years 2008 to 2011. Similar maps for each of the three years are included in the report referred to below. The solar maps are based on satellite based estimates of the available solar energy at the surface by using the “Down-welling Surface Short-wave Radiation Flux” (DSSF) product produced by the “Land Surface Analysis – Satellite Applications Facility” (LSA-SAF) based on data from the geostationary Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellites. The satellite-based model is calibrated by one year measurements from 6 of the above-mentioned 14 sites.

More detailed information on results, methodology and input data for estimation of solar and wind resources is available in:

Potential applications of wind and solar, using the solar and windatlas are assessed in the report: 



Feasibility of Renewable Energy Resources in Mali

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